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Cool Things We're Proud of

PLEASE NOTE: We build our sites so that the web owner can easily edit his or her own site - in fact, the editor is built into the website. This means that owners are free to make changes. Consequently, the site you see today may have content and pictures different from what we designed. We're proud to be able to offer this kind of control to our clients!

Pediatric SurgeryMid Coast Hospital (MCH) is a website we built in 1998 (before we were Allure...). We've been responsible for its expansion, rebranding and feature development ever since. They are a large hospital located in Brunswick, Maine. Recently we added something rather special to the site. Something we are extremely proud to have been a part of.

It is a narrated slideshow designed to help children and their parents learn what to expect when a child has surgery.

It was a superb team effort. Professional voice talent Mark Matzell volunteered his time to record the audio track. To tell the story visually, Jeff Morris (The Pierce Studio  photographed volunteers and staff at the hospital.  Graphic designer Suze Fisher (Allure) added her unique touch to the introduction and final slides, and Rick Dieffenbach (Allure) edited the show into final form. 

But the major credit goes to Mid Coast Hospital's Pediatric Surgery Department. They conceived the idea as a way to help young patients be more at ease. They wrote the script and made sure the finished product was exactly what they, and the children, needed.

Watch the pediatric surgery narrated slide show . is a chamber-like organization. They promote tourism in Maine's Greater Portland Casco-Bay region.

They asked for a website with expanded listings for a few categories of members, and they needed it to work with their office membership database system.

We gave them more than they imagined - a website with no limitations for member promotion. They can create customized listing pages for any category of member, current or future; they can add new member attributes (e.g, allows birds in room :) on the fly. If that isn't enough, each web visitor can customize the listing pages even more!

This site has so many features, you'll need to visit it yourself.

Lobster From MaineLobster From Maine

MMMmmm... good....

Maine is home to us at As residents of this wonderful state, we were delighted to create a new website for the Maine Lobster Council. The Council's primary task is to promote the Maine Lobster Industry. was created to promote lobsters to both family cooks and to professional chefs. It offers hundreds of lobster recipes and seeks to connect lobster suppliers with consumers.

Things we are particularly proud of:
  • A very compact and easy-to-use system that displays lobster suppliers using a "grid view." See it here.
  • An integrated map and lobster system which allows visitors to locate restaurants offering lobster by clicking on a map region.
  • An ├╝ber cool system to find recipes. Take a look at the ways to find them!
  • We implemented a new version of our Allure-developed content management system, which allows the Maine Lobster Council to drop in and rearrange items on a page almost on the fly!

Maritime Boats

Whatever floats your...

Another Maine-based business, Maritime Boats builds a full line of fiberglass boats for commercial and family use.

Features we were proud to develop:
  • A system to display boat options to the public, which is also tied into a special "back end" for dealers so that they can get their info directly.
  • A slideshow-based presentation system for each boat that is flexible enough to be changed by the owners on-the-fly. They can add new boat models and create sections of the site on their own.

Hartley Yacht ChartersHartley Yacht Charters

More boats to float...

Hartley Yacht Charters specializes in connecting people with the luxury boat charter of their dreams - anywhere in the world.

We are particularly proud of:
  • The beautiful design.
  • The compact and concise way people can find charters meeting their desires.
  • How we managed to integrate the charter "data", which is feed from an external commercial source, and still result in a search engine friendly website.