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Our Process to Build a New or Upgraded Website

In Brief:

  • Planning. Our first step is understanding your marketing message and aims.
  • Visual Design. Our site will portray your business in a positive, visually attractive way.
  • Easy to Update. Our websites make it easy for you to keep them updated yourself.
  • Search Engine Friendly. We build our sites in a special way to be search engine friendly.
  • Trackable. We build in Google Analytics and show you how to use them.


1. Everything Starts with a Plan

You want to know what your website will be like before committing to its construction. Well, so do we.  That's why our first step is to work closely with you to understand your goals, audience, products, key points and more. This part of our process is very much like a marketing consultation, and helps us and you plan a better website for your business. We'll also provide, usually, a fixed-price cost with this detailed plan. There is no cost for this plan.

2. The Visual Design - Your Business Must Stand Out

If you like the plan we created in (1) and hire us, the next step is creating a stand-out visual design. An attractive visual design is important because web visitors often make a 'like-don't like' decision about your business in the first few seconds of arrival on the site. As the saying goes "first impressions count." We want the first impression of your business to be a good one.

Suze Fisher is a highly talented graphic designer who creates stunning visual designs based on an understanding of your company and the market you operate in. View our portfolio to see her visual design capabilities.

3. Ease of Updating

You can add new pages, edit existing and add new photos using our built-in editing system.  Clients appreciate how this system puts them in control.  Keeping a website updated is important from a marketing and search engine standpoint, and you will be able to do that with your Allure website.

Many Allure websites have additional updating features.  For example, our data fed Real Estate websites automatically create property pages complete with friendly URLs and appropriate meta tags, all without manual intervention. 

4. Search Engine Friendly Design

We were once accused by another web firm of having 'overly complex code.' We just smiled. What they did not understand is that our sites don't use programmer shortcuts that reduce our costs but decrease search engine friendliness. We make sure that pages have unique, friendly URLs so that search engines will find and list them. When appropriate we'll create location specific pages, sometimes numbering in the hundreds or thousands, so that search engines will associate your business and its services in many locations. And we'll often do this so that the page self-optimizes complete with unique meta tags and descriptions, and dynamic text.

A search engine friendly website takes more time to build and requires a higher level of skill.

The result? More pages in the search engines leading to more business for you.


What Next? View capabilities, portfolio, personalities, logo design or contact us.