Allure Interactive Web - The Sky's the Limit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can AllureIW (Allure Interactive Web, LLC) help me?
Need a new website? Have an old one that needs to work better? If you said "yes" to either of these, we can help.

2. Briefly, state your experience.
AllureIW owner Rick Dieffenbach and Lead Visual Designer Suze Fisher have been working together creating new websites as a full time occupation for 12 years. Together they've created or modified more than 500 websites.

3. Where are you located and do we need to meet?
We are located in Topsham on Maine's midcoast - about 30 minutes drive north of Portland. Meeting face-to-face is always a preferable way to conduct business, but if you are from away then the phone will work as well. Direction and contact information are here.

4.  Who owns the website after it is built?
You do! There may be minor exceptions such as photographs, where the photographer retains the rights to their images.

5.  Where are your websites hosted?
We use commercial hosting services. Our current favorite hoster is Their prices are excellent and their service outstanding. We can however host the site at a hoster of your selection as long as they meet the technical requirements of the site.

6.  Do I get to participate in the design process?
Yes!  The best websites come from a collaboration between web developer and the business owner/manager.

7. What do I need to get going?
Call us (207)721-8909.  We'll chat about what you want to accomplish and offer our thoughts on how we could go about creating or revamping your website.

Questions? Contact us.