Allure Interactive Web - The Sky's the Limit

Capabilities for Web Design and Development

Marketing Analysis and Planning

  • We're more than strictly a website developer; we help you develop your marketing message.
  • Our front-end planning process is comprehensive and involves you in a collaborative exchange of ideas.

Visual Design

Built-in Website Editing

  • The web editor is built into the site; no software is needed to run your own site.
  • You will be able to run your own website in-house.
  • Built-in photo resizing utility makes it easy to add new images.
  • Our editing system keeps your website looking visually consistent.
  • Update your site from anywhere.

Search Engine Placement

  • Your website will be built search engine friendly.
  • File names will be URL friendly to the maximum extent possible.
  • Pages will be well structured for the search engines with proper "hidden tags"
  • Often, we'll add additional pages as may be needed for wide search engine coverage.
  • Built-in utilities and tutorials help you keep it search engine friendly.
  • Periodic website engine "health checkup" services available for an additional fee.

Training and Coaching for You and Your Business

  • We provide side-by-side training with each website.
  • Included are built-in tutorials that show you how to run your website.
  • We provide exclusive website success coaching; expanded coaching available for an additional fee.

Miscellaneous Capabilities

  • We strive to make every site usable by everyone including those with visual and mobility handicaps.

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